Chief Financial Officer


Kiara Dumas is a self-inspired woman from Chicago, IL who moved down to the Southern Illinois region in 2009 to better herself, her surroundings and her future. Upon moving downstate, she found her true love, her now husband Kendall Dumas and gained a multitude of many more blessings since that time.

Kiara graduated from Southern Illinois in 2014 and took her Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology to further help the community. Almost immediately after graduating, she started off her Sociology Career with volunteering/working for such groups such as Feed My Sheep Pantry (under World Changing Word of Faith Deliverance Ministry), The United Way of Greater St. Louis, GenNext, and Save Our Souls (with affiliation with Moms on a Mission). These corporations and organizations put her on the path to let God lead her to start more community action plans, help poverty omission and assisting in making a better society.

Kiara Dumas started a passion for writing, theater/dance, and fashion at an early age. After writing monologues for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Theater Department and the Chicago Dramatists at a young age, Kiara took on modeling at SIUE in a campus-modeling group IMAGE. She personally modeled and talked to corporate members of large retailers such as Old Navy, JC Penny and Macy’s to help distribute clothing for the events at SIUE. In the year of 2012, She modeled for Clothing designer Joni Marie Ross, Big Sexy Hair Products and International Stage artist Steven Miletio.


In 2013, Kiara was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This auto-immune disease was Kiara's most trying time in her life. Little did she know, after dealing with over close to 50 hospital/doctor appointments, she was making her faith stronger than ever. After being on a physical straining medication that was self-injected 3 times week, to an  infusion medication given once a month, to a NOW relapsing-reducing medication given ONLY TWICE A YEAR, she knows that God always had her in mind, and she has no problem being a health advocate to other MS patients/ people with health issues that she meets. Since her last job of working in the financial industry for US Bank in 2016, Kiara received many awards with top performance in the Illinois District for the bank.